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What are the 5 Specific Types of Logo Design?

If we talk about today, symbols are still used. It is to get across the concepts, ideas, and thoughts; today, we call them logos, and there are different types of Logo Design. Why does each brand use different types of logos? It is based on their brand type and the viewpoint from which they hope to achieve brand recognition.

We see logos everywhere for that reason; logos must also be adaptable. They need to be able to reproduce at 16 pixels in the address bar in the web browser.

However, they also need to be recognizable 100 feet high or 100 feet white on the side of the billboard; as you can see, logos are important, and they are essentially symbols that convey a limited message of a larger brand.

Types Of Logos:

Logos can be categorized into different groups. Different ways describe certain Branding Designs of logos, and you’ll know How To Design A Logo along with the Logo Categories.

The Basic Symbol Or Icon:

The first category you’ll have of a Logo for a brand is the basic symbol or icon, an iconic type of logo. The basic symbol or Icon Logos represents a brand but boldly and confidently. In most cases, the image is abstract or styled.

These Symbol Logos are generally found for large brands or brands serving the whole world. Some of its Logo Design Examples are Starbucks and Nike’s logos.

There are a lot of cultures around the world. People have different languages and different traditions. So, among these, you need your brand identity to be easily recognizable without understanding the words and their meaning.

These are all symbols, and they work well. Popular worldwide brands or companies prefer these symbols or icons as their logo because they look more official and simple. It is a memorable logotype.

Word Mark:

A word mark is a logo made up of a word, or it’s like the Logo Design Service is created typographically.

In these cases, you will find that the brand creates its logo but they’ll create Variant Logos using a different font, which is rare among graphic designs.

They won’t use common fonts used by almost everyone now, like Comic Sans or Arial. Examples of a wordmark logo would be Coca-Cola, Facebook, and eBay. They all are famous examples of this type of logo.

They use certain colors and typefaces to represent the brand’s look and feel. It is an effective way to create a unique brand and identity. They can even become the basis for fonts used across the entire brand.

Letter Marks:

The Lettermark Logo is similar to the word mark but shorter. Letter marks generally use the initials of a company. It is where a brand has taken its name and has abbreviated it.

There are a few reasons for that. Either the company’s name is long and not going to fit well as a Good Logo or the company’s name could be clearer for people from other countries.

Logo Designer takes the initials in the letter mark, shortens them, and makes a logo. Examples of letter mark logos include HP- Hewlett Packard, His Master’s Voice- HMV, and IBM.

Your letter mark should stand out from the other logos in the industry. Letter marks can be easily copied across different brands. That’s why you must avoid using generic fonts that don’t bring anything new.

Combination Mark:

The next Creative Logo category is the combination mark. A combination mark incorporates a wordmark and a symbol into a single design. It is like a combo mark of various kinds of a Unique Logo Design.

You get the best of both worlds there. You have adaptability; you could use the symbol or the word mark independently.

You would only do that if you had a well-established brand and have spent a fair bit on marketing your logo so that everyone knows what it is to make it instantly recognizable, just like Coca-Cola did in its early 90s.

The logo adapts to marketing situations like print, digital screening, etc. The combination logo mark examples are Pizza Hut, Adidas, and Burger King. These are some of the most famous examples.


The emblem logo is similar to the combination mark. You’ll have a company name and a design. These logos consist of a font inside a symbol or an icon.

Logos like barges, seals, and crisps have a traditional appearance that makes a powerful impact. Thus, they are often a go-to choice for many schools, organizations, or government agencies.

An example of an Emblem Logo is Harley Davidson; its name is written fully in the middle bit with the shield, Bmw, and Starbucks.

These are the three examples of the emblem logo. Emblems are memorable and lend a year of professionalism, traditionalism, and importance to your brand.

Choosing The Right Logo For Your Business

When choosing the logo style for your brand, there are no hard and fast rules. You are free to choose any of the five logotypes.

All you need to do is ensure the logo style suits your brand and remember what Logo Design Trends to use. Work marks can work well on your brand if your name is short. Work mark is the most suitable type of logo for brands only if you can shorten it. However, free fonts are always a bad option because thousands might use the same one. Word marks give your brand a more formal and official look. Letter marks are also good for saving space.

They can be used if your brand is related to transportation, call centers, or marts, like IBM, FedEx, and CNN- news channels.

Final Thoughts

You need your logo to stand out from competitors, so it needs to be a solidly Well-Designed Logo that covers all the bases of your marketing strategy outlook. You will see your logo on multiple things like letterheads, vehicles, advertisements, websites, and social media platforms; plenty of those exist. Above are examples of iconic logotypes. Best Logos are designed up to your brand type. Creating a logo design is essential for your brand.

You can also opt for professional designer services for custom logo design according to your brand. Leading design agencies like XpertLogo provide custom design solutions for your brand and its logo. 

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